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Ecokleen The self-cleaning, energy-efficient aqueous parts washer that reduces waste and costs

Man pouring parts washing detergent into Ecokleen parts cleaner


The science behind the
self-cleaning technology

Ecokleen uses bio-remediation to “eat” oil and grease. This natural cleaning process eliminates the need for regular collection and disposal of waste, which reduces the environmental charges you have to pay, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Safetykleen maintain the machine and regularly top up the fluid, ensuring the bio-remediation continues to work. This guarantees optimum cleaning performance and waste reduction at all times.

    • Long life, self-cleaning solution reduces waste. Less than 100 litres a year - compared to 270-800 litres with traditional parts washers.
    • Save on environmental charges – up to £1560 per year.
    • Best environmental regulation practice for ISO 14001 compliance. Waste reduction is top of the waste hierarchy.

    How much could you save by switching to Ecokleen?

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    How much could you save on Environmental Charges?

    If you currently use (plan to use) a parts washing service:
    How often is your parts washer serviced (how regularly would you plan to have a service visit)?

    Total annual Environmental Charges:

    Saving calculation based on number of services per year and assuming £30 Environmental Charge per collection.
  • With Ecokleen you take a pro-active approach to Health & Safety issues.

    Using an aqueous detergent means:

    • A solvent-free environment for operators.
    • Less administration associated with the cleaning fluid.
    • Not classed as hazardous.
    • No VOCs to monitor.
  • Biokleen has been developed to excel in a wide range of applications.